Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges See Rapid Growth in P2P Trading https://t.co/ytHcbtxHdD https://t.co/VwkO1b04ci BTCTN photo

The Daily: Huobi Unveils HUSD, New Cryptocurrency Loans Launch https://t.co/HAAhGBXE4G https://t.co/3E46by0RHW BTCTN photo

Bitcoin Intentions: Are We Aiming to Replace the Status Quo or Become Them? https://t.co/cvu7JsJ6a4 https://t.co/qSVEWZ8WGU BTCTN photo

Weak Demand for Mining Hardware Impacts TSMC’s Growth Outlook https://t.co/tZVykEgQB8 https://t.co/1mScGNE5Ft BTCTN photo

Wendy McElroy: Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society – The Technology is the Revolution https://t.co/fzMM77cFuA https://t.co/UxUZ0xo17Z BTCTN photo

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